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Marine life – eiders, seals, crabs and lobster

Lobster is allowed to catch from September till the end of April. These creatures live on the bottom of the sea and you get them on rocky seabeds in depth of 20 – 30 metres. We went out in hope to get our last lobster for this catching season. The sea was totally calm – the sunbeams glittered in the water and you felt the fresh air of spring. The birds were calling and singing looking for their partners. The most spectacular experience this morning was 13 male eiders who were fighting to get the attention  to be chosen from one female eider. A real spectacle! On our way home we came across about 30 harbor seals who were lazing in the sun on the rocks. We studied them and after a while they one by one dived down in the water. A bit anxious but very curious.

Rough weather with a lot of wind prevented us the next days to get out to get our catch – but suddenly one day with little wind made it possible to get out again. The wind had stopped but the waves out there were about 3 metres high. The result was 9 crabs, one little flounder and one LOBSTER! Now we have to wait until the first Monday after the 20th September when it is allowed to catch lobster again!

Join us on an expedition in Early Summer Kayaking in Fjällbacka archipelago , Försommarpaddling i Fjällbacka Skärgård

Beaver in borderland Sweden Norway

Last weekend we made research for beaver tours on water. Our goal was a huge beaver hut we had found one of our skating tours in winter. We paddled about 5 km, stopped for investigating the hut – BUT SADLY – no beavers. Hunters had been there before us. We set up our camp and after that we had a wonderful night tour where we could enjoy an amazing frog´s concert. The weather was really with us, a sunny evening, a starry night full of sounds from different birds. Next day we continued our trip searching for alive beavers – and we made it!

Follow us on an exciting kayak trip “In the borderland of Beavers” “I bäverns gränsland” Experience our largest rodent´s home environment. Gently we are approaching its habitat from water level. During the tour we make a shorter stop for a light meal by the camp fire and for planning the rest of the evening. We tell you about the life of beavers and its habitat and you have the opportunity to ask questions about these fascinating animals.

Bike tour to Valön nature reserve

To “ride into spring” is a must for nature lovers – you will easily reach different habitats. During the morning we experienced winding tracks and paths through valleys, oak forests, meadows, mountains and marine environment. A seal showed up! Photos from Valön nature reserve – Valöns naturreservat

Signs of spring in Bohuslän

Early spring flowers are followed by the next generation of flowers in blossom. Birds show themselves in splendor costumes. The air is full of sounds of  happy migratory birds. The rocky walking trail “Soteleden” at Sotenäset and a full day walk at “Ramsvikslandet” gave us a feeling that spring is really here.


Paddling in a mirror archipelago

– Gorgeous spring morning in northern Bohuslän – the nature reserve Ulön-Dannemark. To get the possibility to paddle in a mirror landscape of islands, islets and reefs – gives your brain and body immeasurable satisfaction. The urban and busy people will find peace and harmony and become one with the elements and nature. We offer you these kind of experiences.

Join us on a threeday expedition “Early Summer Kayaking in Fjällbacka archipelago” ,

Försommarpaddling i Fjällbacka skärgård, Bohuslän