Monthly Archives: December 2015

Spa and skating

Römskog Spa and Resort situated just west of the Swedish border gave us a wonderful day and night.  The atmosphere and hospitality, the spa, the wonderful food and wild silent nature boosted us with energy. We arrived late afternoon and just checked the ice to confirm that a skating day was waiting next day. After a relaxing spa with steam sauna, pool both indoors and outdoors an excellent 3 course dinner was served.

December is the darkest month of the year so we were not out on the ice until 8 a.m. It had been a period of cold weather followed by temperature above zero. The frost on the ice had melted and changed to water. Perfect glide! The ice was just thick enough for skating – 5 to 8 cm.

Lake Vortungen is a very beautiful and diversified lake with lots of narrow rift valleys in different directions. It´s balsam for the soul to skate in the wild, undisturbed nature.

Happy and hungry  after playing around the lake lunch was served.

Römskog Spa and Resort with amounts of nearby water systems is a perfect starting point both for kayaking and Nordic Skating.

Finally ice is here!

Finally winter is here with all lovely outdoor activities. We have been longing to start the skating season. Nordic skating is a wonderful physical activity and also a real nature treat. Our skating premiere was in the north of Dalarna. The temperature was 17 degrees Celsius below zero. That made the surroundings wrapped in rime.

We were skating along the shoreline, on new black ice thick enough for skating and also followed meandering frozen brooks in the morass landscape. What a joy!


Suddenly the ice was filled with frost flowers. The thoughts went to the ballet The Swan Lake.

After two days’ skating on two lakes and eventually a night ride under the full moon on river Österdalälven we are eager to find new  challenging skating events. Wilderness, silence and vast frozen waterlands are awaiting us. Let us guide you!