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Springtime Lake Vättern

Nature wakes up – is there a better place to be than in a kayak silently paddling listening to and observing the birds? We launched at Medevi Brygga – an old steam boat landing stage – and paddled one of our favorite tours – along the islands Gopön, Grepaträdet and Gopön. The temperature is rising in the end of May, the water is still a bit cold and we are alone in the archipelago. The northern part of Lake Vättern has an archipelago which a lot of islands and it is perfect for kayaking as there are few people around.

  • Lake Vättern, Sweden

It’s a crispy, clear morning – almost no wind. We paddle between the mainland and the three islands that give shelter from west winds. Suddenly a Eurasian Hobby appeared flying just over our heads. It breeds on one of the islands.

  • Marvellous landing site
    A sheltered sandy beach

After a refreshing morning swim we enjoy our herb tea and sandwiches. The rock is nice and warm and we are in good company of gulls, terns, mergansers, geese and a lot of singing birds on the island.

  • Lake Vättern Horizon, Sweden

Eventually the osprey shows up. For some years a couple has had its nest with successful breeding and we are anxious to know what will happen this year. Sadly the nest by our launching point Medevi Brygga is abandoned.

  • Lake Vättern
    Southbound again - now on the west side of Gopön

It was a perfect day to paddle west of the islands towards open water and admire the rough rocks.

  • Lake Vättern archipelago, Sweden
    Sound between the islands

We are fortunate to live in a country with so many lakes and a long sea shore line. The right of public access is unique in our country and gives many opportunities for outdoor life.

Medevi is situated close to the northern part of Lake Vättern between Motala and Askersund.

Springtime in Bohuslän Archipelago

Bright sunshine and almost no wind tempted us to visit the nearby nature reserve Ulön Dannemark by kayak. A wonderful day in May gave us astonishing experience of blue sky, blue sea and lots of plants in blossom. The air was full of sounds from different birds that just had arrived. Spring is in the air!

  • Sea kayaking , Ulön-Dannemark Nature reserve
    Crossing the fairway towards the nature reserve

We went ashore on a sandy beach for a walk on the island. The shell shingle beds were studded with thousands of cowslips. You could even feel the smell of them by walking around.

  • Sea skagerakk
    Perfect day for sailing

The path meandered in the little valley and took us to the far west of the island where we met the open sea. Impressing!

  • Sand bank connection between the two islands, Ulön and Dannemark
    The sandy beach which connects the former islands Ulön and Dannemark

Sheep are grazing in the nature reserve to keep the landscape open. Perfect gardeners.

  • Ulön-Dannemark Nature reserve
    Another beach - filled with oyster shells

We launched again and rounded the island to find a new sheltered beach. This part of the island invited us to another walk with new views.

  • Granite gravel's poorest breeding ground
    Sea Thrift can grow in very nutrient poor conditions

By the campfire we had a nice meal and a perfect end of the day.

  • Campfire in the archipelago
    Soon time to leave the paradise

In a slight tail wind we headed back to our starting point Rådalen Heestrand – a miniature little settling of boathouses and a great place to start a short or a longer kayaking adventure.