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Tours Nordic Skating

We find the best ice  – “lake hopping”. Our bases where we operate from are Heestrand in Bohuslän by the west coast and Medevi Brunn by Lake Vättern. If there are no good conditions for skating in our surroundings we find another base for skating. From our base we offer transport by car to the best ice nearby. (Maximum 100 to 150 km) Beginners and skilled skaters are welcome, 4 – 6 persons, 3 to 7 days. Distance of skating from 10 km up to 60 km/day depending on ice conditions and the desires of the participants.   The group decides how long to be out – everything from 4 to 7 hours.

Incredible ice formation

We meet the day before skating day 1, for introduction – skating, ice safety and prepare equipment. If you arrive by air we pick you up by the airport. Breakfast is included in the accommodation and packed lunch is included in the  cost. We prepare dinner together and members of the group are responsible for one evening. It is also possible to get catering. Full equipment included. You bring your own helmet. 
Price 2500 SEK/person and day, accommodation and transport not included