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Lake Vättern – always something new to experience

Lake Vättern is Europe’s sixth largest lake with crystal clear water. The lake was “born” about 600 million years ago due to an earth quake. In calm weather you can find the most different coast lines and islands to visit – from sandy beaches to steep rocks, but kayaking conditions are the best in the northern archipelago with about 50 islands and a lot of islets. We have tracked around the whole lake in different seasons and weather conditions – there is always something new to experience.

Join us on a three day tour in July “Kayaking in Lake Vättern’s Northern Archipelago”, “Högsommarpaddling i Norra Vätterns skärgård”

Lurö archipelago a dreamland for kayaking

Lake Vänern – Europe’s third largest lake with more than 22 000 islands – forming stunning archipelagos. The largest of them is called Lurö archipelago – is one of Europe´s most magnificent freshwater archipelago. Hundreds of islands of various size and nature form a coherent archipelago between lake Vänern´s two large pools , Värmland Lake and Dalbo Lake.

Join us on an expedition in June “Midsummer kayaking in Lurö archipelago, Lake Vänern” “Midsommarpaddling i Lurö Skärgård, Vänern”

Link Lurö Gästhärbärge och krog