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A visit to one of the most remote National Parks in Sweden

A highlight and a must on your bucket list! Djurö National archipelago is situated in the middle of Lake Vänern. Silent, genuine, isolated, mysterious and far from everything – a gem in the biggest lake of Sweden. In late September we visited the main island together with a Belgian group of curious Belgian nature lovers. We all had a memorable day together and we are looking forward to new exciting trips.

We started our journey in the morning of the 28 th of September from Ekenäs, Värmlandsnäs, with a chartered boat by the family company Luröbåten.

  • Our destination is Djurö National Park with start from Ekenäs eastbound.

The Djurö Archipelago consists of about 30 islands and islets. After around one hour we arrived to the main island – a bit windy but a nice and safe crossing. The lighthouse, one of the oldest in Lake Vänern, in the northern part of the island could be seen from far away. We were all eager to start our hike. Our first destination was the lighthouse where we had our breakfast consisting of juice, eggs, bread, vegetables and cinnamon buns – all local and home made.

  • Djurö lighthouse is welcoming us

We chose the eastern shoreline to get most of the sun and less wind. There is a lot in nature to explore and marvel at. The island has also a very interesting story to tell.

  • Leaving the port of the lighthouse with the old boat house for a hike along the eastern shoreline

Along the trail there is so much to discover.

  • The trail follows the shore line with beautiful views

The families who have lived on the island has mainly made their living as light house keepers. During the beginning of the 20 th century different kinds of owners found the island good for implanting animals for hunting. There are still fallow deers on the islands which makes it exciting during the visit.

  • Magic forest with ferns

The island offers both old pine forests, mires, interesting shore line and a small cultivated area in the south.

  • We have almost reached the southern point of the main island

After walking together along the east side of the island, the group were left on their own to explore the south and west part of the island. We hurried back to prepare our dinner.

  • The barberque is ready

Energised by food, company and wonderful nature impressions we happily returned back to Ekenäs with nice memories.

  • Leaving Djurö National Park with a feeling of returning

Djurö National Park is well worth a visit from April to September. For the bird lover spring is outstanding. From July the berries start ripening and there are lots of blue berries along the trails as well as some mushrooms.

See you on Lake Vänern!