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On skates from December to March

After our “first skate” for the season in Jämtland we really enjoyed following months in different ice conditions. In total we have been skating on more than 20 different lakes not too far from our home areas. It’s fascinating to explore the environment from the ice in all kinds of weather. As said before – ice is changing from day to day. We have been skating from – 17 degrees C up to +10 degrees C, in sunshine, in snowfall, in rain and in fog. One day is not the same as the other, but all of them memorable moments.

  • Blue sky, blue ice

Our companions the beavers always make us happy. In winter they mostly rest in their lodges, but the huts and the branches and twigs show us where they are.

  • Almost fallen

Cant’t stop being fascinated by the different patterns and shapes of ice.

  • Spring ice

There is so much to observe by the shore

  • Empetrum nigrum - kråkbär - in ice fall

Three outstanding days on ice with our French/American guests – no day was the same as the other!

  • Happy skaters in heavy snow fall

Why come from UK to Sweden in winter? For skating of course! Two beginners and one skilled skater.

  • Circling around boulders

March is a wonderful month for skating – the days are longer, the sun warms …

  • The season is not over yet - middle of March

That’s all for now. See you on open waters!