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The Autumn – a Colorful Explosion

Is there a better way than enjoying the grandeur of the sparkling autumn colors from a kayak? In September we decided to head north to the mountain landscape in Jämtland and Lappland.

  • Let's find where to go
  • Today's paddling in the crystal clear drinkable water - lake Jormvattnet
  • Interesting geology appeared when we rounded the island
Herding cows from their summer grazing on an island back to the farm

One month later we are in the low lands – our home area. Now the leaves have fallen and the plants are “on fire”. We were paddling in a lake system – four lakes, one hand built canal and a small river. Today a total, silent wilderness but during the 19th century it was full of human life during the log-driving, mining and iron production period.

  • Entrance to Hålskeppet - the 1 km long hand dug canal by Russian prisoners of war in the 18th century
  • A magical moment - sky reflection on silent waters