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Premiere on Nordic Skates

The day was here. The sun was shining! Equipped with skates and boots 4 expectant Englishmen set off to try their first skating on natural ice.

Yippiee!!!! The ice is good enough for the premiere.

After adjustments and skating of their own we stop a while for a bit of technique practise.



Beginning of the Nordic Skating season, Fulufjället Dalarna

One week ago our destination was northern Dalarna with starting point Knappgården, Särnaheden. As we planned a small introduction course on nordic skates for 4 eager Englishmen we made our first  reconnaissance  between Nipfjället and Städjan. It´s  a dream for skaters to meet frozen waters not covered with snow.

The day was sunny, with a clear blue sky and no clouds. A bit windy and some degrees below zero. A good sign. A big herd of reindeer met us on our hike uphill. We found what we were looking for. A frozen pond, big enough with ice thick enough to skate on for a while for beginners.
We crossed our fingers that the ice should be OK two days later.

We wanted some skating on our own, so we hiked up in the national park Fulufjället.

After 3,5 km uphill we found ice possible to skate on.


There are some very nice little huts by Rörsjöarna, perfect for a break. They are open all year round. The wind was very strong – up to 25m/s so we had real tough skating – but fun in the tailwind.

We set our way back in wonderful evening light. The hike went along over the waterfall Njupeskärsfallen.