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Nordic Kayaking Inspiration – Finland

After som hectic weeks with guests from abroad we were ready for another new exploring adventure. This time we were heading east to our neighbour country Finland. It has been a dream for many years getting to know and to paddle in the “Country of the Thousand Lakes”. We didn’t have much time, but time enough to realise that there are lakes enough for a life time. An eldorado for kayakers. We just spotted the right time for nature showing up in its “Golden costume”. Our destination was huge Lake Saima.

  • Some of the millions and millions of Silver Birches
  • Leaving Oravi Canal for Haukivesi
  • Camp fire
  • End of the day on Haukivesi

We arrived to and left Finland in sparkling autumn colours. What a visit!

We will be back for sure – and then for a longer trip.

Where to start next time?

Nordic kayaking inspiration – Norway

Nordic EcoTours has its main geographical area from Lake Vättern to Lake Vänern and onwards westbound to Skagerrak. This summer we wanted to extend “our territory” and explore new water systems. In July we headed to Lake Sølen, Rendalsfjällen in Norway – a place we have visited before, both winter and summer. A place that we love. Lake Sølen has a circumference for about 65 km with a few islands in the south west and south of the lake. This time our departure point was close to Fiskevollen, Norway’s oldest inland fishing village, which is situated in the north part of the lake. West of the lake the massive Midtre Sølen with three summits rises – its highest peak is 1755 meters above sea level.

  • On our way to Fiskevollen

  • Kayaking in blue waves

  • Green Sandpiper (Tringa ochropus) protecting her chicks
  • Summit 1755 meters above sea level

The Sølen area is a magical location for kayaking, fishing and hiking. A place where you relax, recover and replenish your energy. We are willing to join you in an outstanding experience.

A magic area in Hedmark, Norway.