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Signs of spring in Bohuslän

Early spring flowers are followed by the next generation of flowers in blossom. Birds show themselves in splendor costumes. The air is full of sounds of  happy migratory birds. The rocky walking trail “Soteleden” at Sotenäset and a full day walk at “Ramsvikslandet” gave us a feeling that spring is really here.


Sea kayaking among rocky islands

The kayak season is perfect to start in early spring. No boats around and you are on your own in the archipelago. To meet spring from the kayak is a marvellous feeling. The nature wakens up and the birds return to our country. The cold water make the waves very smooth  – a very different feeling and it is easier to meet the waves. The water is very clear before the planktons develop, the air is also especially clear beacuse it is so dry. You can see miles and miles towards the horizon. We love to be one of the first on water!

The dinner of the evening – Moules frites!

Join us on an expedition “Early Summer kayaking in Fjällbacka archipelago” ,

“Försommarpaddling i Fjällbacka skärgård, Bohuslän”