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Beaver in borderland Sweden Norway

Last weekend we made research for beaver tours on water. Our goal was a huge beaver hut we had found one of our skating tours in winter. We paddled about 5 km, stopped for investigating the hut – BUT SADLY – no beavers. Hunters had been there before us. We set up our camp and after that we had a wonderful night tour where we could enjoy an amazing frog´s concert. The weather was really with us, a sunny evening, a starry night full of sounds from different birds. Next day we continued our trip searching for alive beavers – and we made it!

Follow us on an exciting kayak trip “In the borderland of Beavers” “I bäverns gränsland” Experience our largest rodent´s home environment. Gently we are approaching its habitat from water level. During the tour we make a shorter stop for a light meal by the camp fire and for planning the rest of the evening. We tell you about the life of beavers and its habitat and you have the opportunity to ask questions about these fascinating animals.

Amazing March – in water and on ice!

Nature is changning from winter to spring. It gives perfect opportunities for both skating and kayaking. This weekend we were lucky to experience both. Lake Vättern offered a wonderful tour after last nights snowfall.

Back to Tiveden again for finishing the skating season. There was still some ice,  but today we had our shortest trip ever. It was a wonderful feeling skating near trumpeting cranes walking on the ice and hearing swans calling. Spring is definately here!