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Fjällbacka Archipelago – where sky meets sea

In July the archipelago is crowded with boats. Between 10 am and 4 pm you have to look out for fast motorboats. To paddle safely means choosing the right time. Best times are before and after the interval above and to seek paddling paths outside the marked routes!
We began our kayaking in Heestrand at 2 pm. There we have our home base in two well-equipped boathouses which are specially adapted for kayaking and maritime courses.
The goal for the day was to take us around in Fjällbacka archipelago with food stop on Valö guesthouses. We were safely back at our base after 12 hours and 33 km paddling in inner and outer archipelago. Let the pictures speak for themselves!

Paddling in a mirror archipelago

– Gorgeous spring morning in northern Bohuslän – the nature reserve Ulön-Dannemark. To get the possibility to paddle in a mirror landscape of islands, islets and reefs – gives your brain and body immeasurable satisfaction. The urban and busy people will find peace and harmony and become one with the elements and nature. We offer you these kind of experiences.

Join us on a threeday expedition “Early Summer Kayaking in Fjällbacka archipelago” ,

Försommarpaddling i Fjällbacka skärgård, Bohuslän


Sea kayaking among rocky islands

The kayak season is perfect to start in early spring. No boats around and you are on your own in the archipelago. To meet spring from the kayak is a marvellous feeling. The nature wakens up and the birds return to our country. The cold water make the waves very smooth  – a very different feeling and it is easier to meet the waves. The water is very clear before the planktons develop, the air is also especially clear beacuse it is so dry. You can see miles and miles towards the horizon. We love to be one of the first on water!

The dinner of the evening – Moules frites!

Join us on an expedition “Early Summer kayaking in Fjällbacka archipelago” ,

“Försommarpaddling i Fjällbacka skärgård, Bohuslän”