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Family Kayaking Lake Vänern

The south eastern cape of Värmlandsnäs – near Säffle – is a perfect starting point for beginners of kayaking. We met up with an eager Norwegian family who wanted to experience the joy and freedom of being out in the archipelago with kayaks. As the children were 10 and 13 years old we decided to use a tandem kayak and a single kayak for the family. It made it flexible for all the four members of the family to practice their skills.

After an introduction by the shore and planning of the trip we launched our kayaks by the sandy beach by Åkershus with Kinnekulle in the background The oldest girl was the first brave kayaker in the single kayak!

Off we went with a nice head wind. The sun was shining and as we felt safe with the group we headed south towards Lurö archipelago with open horizon to the east. What a freedom!

You can’t be outdoors without pause for lunch and a swim! We found a sheltered little bay, and to our surprise we found a huge active beaver hut out in the big lake. Fresh birch twigs showed their favorite food last night. Our lunch pack was also delicious!

After a refreshing pause we paddled a bit south for another pause with a swim before we headed back in a gentle tail wind and also a bit of surf!





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