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Somtimes you find less snow on the ice in Norway

Wolf track on ice

We had lots of wonderful ice not far from where we live. The temperature was really cold – many degrees below zero – and we were looking forward to get more wonderful ice.
BUT – it started snowing! Weather reports showed us where to go.
Lake Vansjø is situated close to Oslofjorden near the city Moss. It is a very big lake. It is said that if you follow the coastline and around all islands/archipelago your distance will be up to 360 km! You get a great feeling that you are skating on the sea along very long fjords.

Best quality of “black ice” covered with a thin layer of snow.
“Fjordlike” lake.
Out on the plains.
A wolf recently passed.
King Bore´s beard.
Lunchtime – hot pea soup, bread and hot energizing aronia juice.
Meeting Norwegian skating friends.

After a wonderful day outdoors the moon showed us our way back in the dark.



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