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Summer Kayaking 2022

In November it is time to summarize the summer, choose our golden moments on different waters to remember wonderful experiences with guests and also on our own.

In the end of June we continued our project paddling around Lake Vänern. We completed the north eastern part – Värmlandsskärgården with three days of paddling in different weather conditions. Everything from calm waters to quite rough winds and waves. It was wonderful to be out on the water as the temperatures were around 25 – 30 degrees Celsius.

  • On Mid Summer's Day we started our paddling

After paddling in the Värmland archipelago we moved south to Kållandsö – between the two parts of Lake Vänern, Värmlandssjön to the east and Dalbosjön to the west. It’s a historic place where people have lived and travelled for centuries. We had three outstanding paddle tours and could really feel the atmosphere of this part of the lake.

  • Heading to Läckö Castle - Kinnekulle in the fond

We can’t leave the castle …

  • Läckö Castle - nominated as the most beautiful castle of Sweden 2001

One of the highlights with our French guests was our new product – “Fishing adventure in Bohuslän archipelago”

  • Preparing for today's adventure

More adventures in salty waters Bohuslän – now by kayaks!

  • In tandem kayaks paddling is safe and easy

Heading to the inland lakes for beaver safaris …

  • Starting in early evening

Over to one of our favourite destinations and starting point for beaver safaris – Krokstad Herrgård in Värmland near Säffle

  • Dusk in the estuary - the air is full of different exciting sounds

An active and great summer is over with inspiring meetings with new guests. As always nature has offered marvelous memories and more is to receive when autumn is here.