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Two days on Lake Vättern in May – part 1

Quietness, peacefulness – Lake Vättern offered one evening and one whole day in perfect weather conditions for kayaking. Almost no wind and warm temperature. This time of the year you are on your own – except from wonderful company of birds. We left Medevi, by the north east side of the lake, and paddled northbound to Nature Reserve “Råå Uddar”. Following the shoreline in a choir of singing birds we finally had a stop at an island before we returned home in a spectacular sunset.

  • Kayaking lake Vättern
    Heading northbound

Spring is in the air!

  • Bloody Geranium in blossom in evening light
    Bloody Geranium in evening light

We left the nature reserve in a beautiful sunset.

  • Quiet sunset Lake Vättern

The purple hour gifted us with with an additional memorable treat.

  • Sunset, clouds, purple hour
    Sky in fire

This tour was 17 km long.


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