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A rainy walk and kayaking along lake Vättern’s shoreline

We have had a chilly May and June with a lot of rain – but this couldn’t stop about 30 enthusiasts to hike a 3.25 km trail. Focus on this event was to enjoy a part of a wonderful shoreline in by lake Vättern  – just by the border of Östergötland and Närke. Västanvik is a community association 20 km north of Motala, next to Medevi Brunn, the oldest spa in Sweden. The association has created a wonderful system of hiking trails along the lake with barbecues in nice settings.

The group started the hike in Bay Kagensviken with destination Bay Hämtningsviken. With maps in their hands they could find spots where local appetizers were hidden, on their way to the gathering place. Four real devotees defied the rain and paddled for an hour in the shallow bay Hämtningsviken. They saw the wrecks of two ships from 1923. The clear water of lake Vättern gave both the hikers and paddlers a possibility to see life under water. After an invigorating exercise a nice meal with Vättern char was waiting. We cooked our own char in foil packages filled with herbs and spices – some just harvested from nature. This was an evening with water from above, water aside and water under! No matter the weather conditions – nature always give you unforgettable memories.

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