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Lake Vättern offered tropical days and full moon

Eventually after rains and storms the weather forecast announced high pressure with almost tropical heat. The decision was easy – to catch the moment – Carpe Punctum. As the moon was full we also had to catch the nights – Carpe Notjes. We explored the most interesting parts of the archipelago in northern Lake Vättern.

With weather conditions like that we were able to paddle among the outer islands and islets with open horizon. It gives a feeling of paddling in the sea. The transparent, crystal clear water shimmering in green made it possible to observe plants, stones, boulders and sandy bottoms. We even saw 25 quite big chars and a lot of small sticklebacks. Shallow places were of highest interest and we meandered in the most special surroundings.

The coast line changed to rough steep cliffs. We got a feeling of spirited away.

After two days and nights and 46 km of extremely exciting and relaxing paddling we had filled our minds with impressions and unforgettable memories.

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