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Exploring great lake systems in Norway

The weather conditions  – temperatures below zero and sunshine – made our decision easy. We headed towards Norway in the borderland of Värmland. Three interesting lakes gave us two full days of skating on wonderful ice conditions. 10 – 20 cm thick us made us feel secure and we only had to be observant on the usual dangerous spots –  sounds, shoals, points, inlets and outlets. Our first day we followed the shoreline of lake Setten – 54 km easy skating!

After a wonderful stay at Römskog spa we started off in the morning after breakfast. Even better ice this day! Smooth, firm and excellent grey ice diversified with long strings of black ice. Lake Vortungen is offering stunning scenery with narrow offshoots (rifts) in all directions. The feeling of wilderness increases the further west you go. Watch video 1 (Youtube). Video 2.

In this area there is a wide range of interesting lakes. After lunch at the spa we ended our day at Lake Mjermen. Just at sunset we returned back to our car and headed home again already planning new trips!

The skating season is here right now. We can always find ice for “hungry skaters”!

Don´t miss Setskog IF’s fantastic arrangement at lake Setten!  A Skating Festival open for all ages February 14th.

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