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Silent Sea kayaking in Mid Winter

In February the archipelago offered us solitude in a silent frozen landscape. New snowfall made us change element from frozen lakes inland to open sea. No boats, no people, no disturbing noise from civilisation. Just the sounds of the paddle movement through the water. It was a calm inviting day with most most sunshine mixed with interesting clouds.

The archipelago is full of seabirds staying off shore waiting for spring. We had near contact with guillemots, black guillemots, different gulls, goldeneyes, red-breasted mergansers, grey herons and mute swans . Some harbour seals appeared very close. They are very curious and gives you a lot of fun.

Even in winter the archipelago is outmost colurful. The snow highlighted the experience! Further reflections below.

After six hours in northern Bohuslän, Fjällbacka archipelago, with a nice lunch break with hot tomatoe soup we arrived back in sunset. 25 kilometers well invested in effort, memories, physical excersise, tranquility, and fresh air. Welcome to one of the most interesting and beautiful kayaking arcipelagoes – especially in wintertime – in the world.

Fresh water lakes are frozen, salty waters still open in the south of Sweden.

Waterland Sweden with its diversity with many different conditions offers a lot for outdoor people! Welcome to join us!

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