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Hiking in nature reserves – Part 1, Brurmossen

We really enjoy being outdoors anywhere in wild. Our focus for our guests has so far been kayaking and nordic skating, but now we are expanding and want to offer guided hiking trips in different environments. We find unspoiled, quiet areas from deep old forests to marsh land, lakes and old cultivated places. Every habitat has its own “personality” with its own birdlife, animals and plants.

  • Information board
    Entrance to Brurmossen Nature Reserve

The Brurmossen area is located in the border of counties Dalsland and Värmland. The reserve consists of marsh forests, rocky mountain impediment with pines and open marshes and moss fields. The area has a great value because it has been untouched for a long time.

  • Solitude dead trees can remain upright for hundreds of years
    Old and dead but still upright

The old trees host a great variation of lichens and polypores. The great amount of beard lichens indicates clean air.

  • Spruce weakened by ants' attack.
    Fallen pine tree as a result of Carpenter ants and Black Woodpckers

We ramble in a huge, green “cathedral”. There is no sound of human activity. Only the wind, the birds and in between a total silence. A perfect location for “Forest bathing”.

  • Alluring lake through the woods
    Forest lake in the distance

On a little rock next to the tarn we had a nice stop for our packed lunch. The woodland lake named “Särkspännet” was there like a golden eye of the forest. We wondered about the name. The translation is an old kind of brooch – just the shape it is. Who named it and when?

  • 11 km hiking trail in an unspoiled nature in Dalsland west Sweden
    Soft and easy trail

Tracks and droppings of wolves, moose and squirrels show that we are not the only ones who have been here.

  • Marshland environment and old virgin forest around and in between
    Mere in the bog

The beginning of April is a wonderful month when nature awakens bit by bit. The life in the anthill above ground level awakens by the warm rays of the sun. The ants have spent the winter several metres below ground level.

  • By the campfire
    Warm and cosy

Is there a better ending of a forest walk than to start a camp fire, grill some sausages and listen to the enormous choir of birds singing in the April evening?

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