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“Kick off” – kayaking, hiking and snorkelling

Can it be a better option than starting up work after holidays in nature together with collegues?Activities, friendship, nice food, open fire and laughther. About 45 expectant people met at Medevi brygga – lake Vättern a nice summer evening. The kayaks and snorkelling gear (cyclops, fins and wet suits) were ready. Envelopes with instructions and maps for the hikers waited for the groups to set off. Ready for appetisers and their chosen activities all went away.

Some days before the event, tresures were hidden in the three old wrecks by the islands for the snorkellers to find. Appetizers is a must before outdoor dinner when you are out in nature.

Reassambling by the food and the log fire just by the shore. A perfect moment for relaxing and sharing experiences in the sunset. At coffee and cake by the fire the stories about nature and culture around Lake Vättern were told by the hikers. They fulfilled their mission with exellence and we had a lot of laughter and learning!

What a perfect evening for outdoor activities with your co-wokers. A joy for them and for us! Welcome to new adventures! Lake Vättern near Medevi and Bohuslän Heestrand are our favourite starting points!

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