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Outdoor Exhibition Medevi Brunn

In the middle of August Nordic Ecotours joined an Outdoor Exhibition at Medevi Brunn by Lake Vättern. For two days people were welcomed to test the joy and freedom of kayaking.  The weather was perfect – sunny and almost no wind. Hopefully we have attracted some beginners to develop their skills and be a part of a wonderful outdoor activity.

Indoors we showed our canvas gallery. Sweden and Scandinavia is a “Waterland”. All seasons have their allurement. With nordic skates or from our kayaks we are fascinated of the gallery of nature which is constantly changing. When we are traveling through the landscape it is impossible to resist the temptation to stop and capture the special moment. Everything is perishable, the light, nature is changing and the opportunity disappears so quickly.

You are most welcome to contact us if you are interested in buying some of our canvases.


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