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Salt water ice

Our second short trip on salt water ice! Though it has been really cold for several days – down to 13 degrees Celsius below zero – it has been so windy that it has taken long time for the bays to freeze. In our opinion far too long time. Satellite maps and reports from other skaters made our direction to Sannäs this morning – near Havstenssund, Bohuslän.

The sun was shining, but – 9 degrees  C is a bit chilly in the strong wind. Who cares? Our expectations were met! Shining salt ice – just like a new polished floor. We had to be careful as the ice was rather “young”. You need to stop often and check – 7 cm is safe.

We had a limited area to circle around and were not far from open water. Luckily we found a sunny place sheltered from wind for our hot crane berry juice and sandwiches. A nice stop for photos. So peaceful to admire mussels, Japanese oysters, barnacles and lichens from the ice edge.

The rocks are  all red granite – famous for this part of Bohuslän. A piece of gneiss was transported here by the ice 10 000 years ago. It is almost incomprehensible to understand what it looked like during the ice age and the melting of the giant ice that covered our country.

Time to skate back to the car. New out door adventures are awaiting. Wonder what will happen next!





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