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Food from the Sea – Scary Seafood

Scary Seafood? What is that? In the mid of April we were invited to a very instructive full day workshop at Lovén Marin Centre, Tjärnö for learning more about how to use and prepare the treasures from the sea.

We were offered a mixture of interesting and informative presentations, delicious samples of seafood and insights into recent research of how to use the unexplored food source of the sea.

There is a lot to learn about seaweeds. It’s our new superfood with a lot of minerals, vitamins and proteins. A better name should be Seagreens!

Christine Appelqvist, from University of Gothenburg, and the fishermen informed us a lot about the different species of the bycatch which is possible to use for food. We were served a very tasty soup made from small crabs.

After a day filled with new impressions we are inspired to paddle out on our own and with our customers to “harvest” and prepare what the sea offers us!

Inspiration in Swedish – Scary Seafood!

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