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Scouting for skatable ice in Norway


In our region skatable ice just now is scarce, as lakes that are frozen are covered with snow or the lakes are not frozen at all. So today we headed towards Norway – not to far from Heestrand in Bohuslän. We had a magnificent sunrise and the day ended up to one of those lucky days with blue sky and almost no wind. Today we explored a new little lake  – Kløsa – not very big but full of small islands and  and we felt embraced by the surrounding landscape. The surface was not the best but very easy to skate on.

We found some frozen toads on the ice. Some say that during good conditions they can survive when the temperature rises. Let’s hope they are right. Even if we were on the ice at noon the January sun was low and gave long shadows. For lunch break we found the ideal sunny place with no wind.

The skating trip was about 10 km but we were eager to investigate some other lakes so we carried on. There by the side of the road was lake Isesjøen shining like a polished mirror.

The thickness was from 4 cm to 7 cm near the shore but open water in the middle. If the weather forecast is right – with a cold period and no snow – we soon will be very lucky! What a nice view to the afternoon coffee!

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