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Searching “Virgin Ice” part 2

Following day, just at sunrise we entered the ice on our little pond nearby.

  • Sun rise

After the cold night with temperature around – 15 Celsius, we hoped that Lake Öjsjön was possible to skate. Sadly not – still too thin. We headed to our well known lake since yesterday. Almost the whole lake was safe, and the surface with rhime had changed a bit.

  • Maybe tomorrow ?

In search of new possible lakes we checked Lake Björnsjön. The sun was on its way below the horizon, the frost glittered and everything was totally silent and calm. The whole lake laid in front of us like a giant mirror. The ice was almost thick enough. Through the ice and the clear water you could see the stones and pebbles on the bottom of the lake. We tried gently – very, very close to the shore. The ice was cracking a bit and warbled in wonderful sounds.

  • Virgin ice

We hadn’t given up our hope yet. On our way home we passed a bird sanctuary – a small lake in a marshland.

  • Enticing view

By now we had had enough. It was getting dark, but following day’s lakes were waiting for us. Lake Råstjå, scattered with islands, will invite us tomorrow!