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Beavers and birds – B&B at Byälven

Nature is bubbling again – sounds, smell, life, light, movement … Birds and mammals find their partners, the plants explode and our favorite mammals, the beavers, continue their assiduous life. The new born babies try to learn all skills, escorted by their parents and their older siblings. Our favorite beaver environment is the estuary of River Byälven, where the river meets lake Vänern. Not to forget Krokstad Mansion, which is a perfect stay and starting point for stunning nature experiences.

  • Our favorite oak alley welcomes us at Krokstad Mansion

So wonderful – we just found a new beaver hut. The warblers were singing, the Water Rail announced its existence, Reed Buntings and a lot of other birds filled the air.

  • Leaving the southern island towards the reed estuary

A magical spot to just inhale sounds, birds, nature…

  • There are some beavers here for sure

We approached “Beaver Island” and to our joy the newborn beavers were out swimming. Innocent, curious and unafraid they let us enjoy their company before they splashed down in safety.

  • Silent evening and sunset

We returned happy in heart and soul and found out that our friends, the beavers, had survived another winter and got babies to continue their family. You never regret being outdoors admiring the magic of wild life and nature!