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Among castles and mansions on Lake Båven

Nordic Skating offers you exclusive experiences, from desolate lakes in deep forests to populated areas in cultural landscapes with buildings reminding us of days gone by. Our last great trip took place on Lake Båven, situated in county Södemanland, south west of Stockholm The lake is formed like an octopus, with a lot of islands, which makes it very interesting to skate around. We were skating on magic black ice and made our tour between castles and mansions from 1600’s. It’s a very special feeling to admire the beauty of all these buildings from the “water front”.

We couldn’t resist a short early morning trip on lake Mälaren to see Gripsholm Castle in the crispy and fresh sunny morning. The castle is known as our first king Gustav Wasa’s castle. He founded the castle in 1537. The colourful ice yachts were a special contrast to the solid castle. Close to the castle another beautiful building showed its inviting frontage.

Sometimes pictures tell more than words……

You never cease to marvel at the beauty of the ice.

And if you get tired of looking down on the ice , you can always look up at the sky and find new phenomenas.

Being out in nature is always something new. You can never imagine what you will experience!

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