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Lake Sommen – a silent paradise

Sommen – a lake in the borderland of Östergötland and Småland – with an area of 132 square kilometers and as many islands as the number of days of the year. Formed as a shape of an octopus. The tale tells that the lake is created by the hoof of the prehistoric cow. With miles and miles of untouched shorelines. To skate in the numerous bays, over ice of clear waters and under steeps is an adventure. In summer lake Sommen is an eldorado for all kinds of outdoor life but now in winter you can experience the total tranquility.

Our pictures show that the day was fantastic. Blue sky, almost no wind and perfect ice!

Skating in this area takes you back to prehistoric times and you feel the giant forces from the inland ice.

Today’s skating was only a little, little part of the lake. There is so much more to explore!

We are always ready to search, explore and discover together with you!

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