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March 2022 – end of Skating Season

After our skating start in the mountain region, we have had an outstanding skating season from December to the middle of March on lakes around where we live. We have visited up to thirty different lakes from Bohuslän, Dalsland and the border to Norway in the west to Östergötland and Närke towards east. This winter has been “The Winter for Skating” on small lakes and lake systems – not on the sea or our bigger lakes. Anyway – all of them with perfect ice – from early mornings to late afternoons. Following pictures show some of our unforgettable golden moments!

  • Sunrise skating on "Golden Ice"

As you can see we have had all kinds of surface. The thickness of the ice has mostly been over 10 cm, sometimes up to more than 20 cm. We have skated on clear black ice, ice covered with thin layer of snow, black ice with up to 5 cm water and ice with a thin frosty layer.

  • Ice art

The surface of the ice has countless different shapes, patterns, colors and appearences. It can change in hours in a never ending metamorphosis. The transformation is decided by temperature, wind, rain, snow and the sun.

  • Gracile grass

Skating is an absolute fascinating ongoing movie. The landscape changes continuously and when you look around you will observe interesting details anywhere.

  • A short passage between lakes

As we skate on small lakes in lake systems connected with streams, we need to walk between the lakes. Sometimes in sounds or when the ice is too thin of other reasons, we have to walk along the lake until the ice is safe enough. Quite a good exercise and a nice change.

  • Huge beaver hut with loads of food - birch branches and twigs

The European Beavers – our dear friends – are active all year round. From the ice we can study their impressive beaver huts, their fellings (specially birch trees), their food storages and their breathing holes in the ice.

  • Before sunrise

To be out on the ice before sunrise is a gift from the sun and nature. Suddenly light explodes in a breathtaking moment. Skating on safe ice is one of the most magical moments you can experience. But a day in mist is also a special feeling. If you have been out all day and starting to get tired you never regret still being outdoors, to follow the glowing sunset and follow the day changing to evening and night.

A month ago we had a family from Norway, keen of learning to skate. The sun and perfect ice conditions made this to a very special day in nice company. Nordic Skating is really exploding all over Scandinavia right now!

  • True love

We really hope that the next skating season will give us possibility to skate with guests from different regions and countries. The covid situation the last two years has interrupted our joy of sharing this wonderful sport together with others, as we mostly work with groups that we stay together with for some days. Our idea is not only being outdoors skating. We spend evenings sharing our experiences, learn about safety, planning the next day’s adventure, learning about our region and have a lot of fun!