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Get started with Sea Kayak Duse Udde

The first of June delivered extra good weather conditions for our premiere kayak course at Duse Udde lake Vänern. Five young men from Herrgårdsgymnasiet with their PE teacher made our day. After introduction about the kayak, canoeing and saftey on water we were ready to launch.

After some practise in the bay the guys felt comfortable to leave for a trip close to the shoreline.

Gentle paddling across the mouth of river Byälven, close to the reeds and rocks. After a while we had a nice break for snacks.

From sheltered waters we headed to more open waters. The group tested paddling in different wave and wind conditions. They developed their skills and began to act like a homogene group.

Time for lunch break! After the rest it was time to test the floats as we decided to make an open water crossing back to the starting point.

After 5 hours training the group had tested the basic tecniques of paddling and did very well. Thank you for nice company!

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