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Lake Vänern is awaiting us

Lake Vänern is a huge, unique lake resembling the ocean with its sea like character with bare cliffs and islets and a free horizon without land in sight. With its 22 000 islands, islets and skerries it is the largest sweet water archipelago in northern Europe.

There are shallow inlets and bays rich in fish, sandy beaches, islands and shores with interesting flora and fauna.

No wonder a lot of birds thrive here. More than 30 000 gulls and terns are found here. The most common bird of preys are marsh harriers, ospreys and hobbies but in the areas we paddle the white tailed eagle is common. Imagine sitting in the kayak with the eagle above you in the sky or sitting by the camp fire in the evening watching and listening to the magic sounds of the loons.

A whole summer awaits us on lake Vänern. From the middle of June to the end of August we are ready to Search Explore and Discover! Are you ready to join us? Our Kayaking Base Camp is situated at Duse Udde camping Säffle and we also operate from Krokstad Mansion Säffle.


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