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Try out kayaking from Krokstad Manor

Krokstad Manor park lies beautifully along the old Vikings route by river Byälven. 19 persons from UMV Coating System AB met up for an adventurous kayaking trip. For most of them it was their first time to test a See Kayak.

Before launching we had to do some basic settings in the kayaks. Then a short “dry” lesson on shore about how to paddle and discussions about safety off shore.

Birgitta is giving some advice how to move/paddle  safely together in a group. After a while we could start paddling with one instructor in the lead and one backing up the group from behind.

The guided tour followed gently down the stream to the turning point – a little island covered with trees. Then up stream behind a bigger island in a reed canal with a lot of singing birds around. We saw a lot of beaver tracks such as felled aspen trees and beaver paths on the shoreline.

Thank’s for good company! You learned very well in a very short time!

Welcome back!

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