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Rain, thaw and low temperature – medicine for good ice

County Östergötland offered us wonderful skating conditions. Two days’ skating on Lake Stråken and Lake Regnaren in wild and silent nature. No cars, no noise – just we and nature.
Our first tour around Lake Stråken was mysterious. The fog enveloped us like a soft, warm blanket.

Two days later we found a new favourite lake – Lake Regnaren. Hidden in the forest lies this gem with many islands, bays and sounds. A culture lanscape in a mining area since the 1700’s. We started our trip around the lake near Regnaholm Manor – a storied mansion and even a botanical interesting place. The original family tree to a Swedish famous apple variety “Gyllenkrok Astrakan” grows here.

We had a quiet and restful skating marvelling the richness of nature. For a while we were accompanied by two Sea eagles. Now all small lakes are frozen. Where do they find food? Do they fly to the Baltic Sea for which is not far away for fishing or do they find other food as hares, minks and carcasses?

After 5 hours on ice we headed back home looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure – Lake Sommen in the southern part of Östergötland.

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