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Skating Season 2021/2022 has begun

After studying the weather forecast we headed north two weeks earlier than last year. Luck was with us! After six hours in our car we arrived to last year’s premier lake (Lake Galsjön in county Dalarna) – and there she was. Covered with inviting, black ice. The thickness was 5 centimeters, which is enough for skating. Of course the thickness varies, but we could skate almost around the lake.

  • Yes! We can make it today.

In dark we continued 140 km further north by car to the mountains Funäsfjällen. The altitude of the lakes there are around 250 meters higher, which gives better opportunities for colder climate with frozen lakes. Luckily the lakes had been frozen after the snowfall – so there they were awaiting us.

  • Two expectant skaters - starting point on grey ice

The temperature was between 1 and 4 degrees below zero Celsius, which made the black ice was really hard after last nights even lower temperature. On and off we had very strong winds. The fjells were roaring when the darker clouds came “flying” above us. And then suddenly almost no wind at all. You really have respect for being outdoors in the mountains.

  • The sky changes all the time

All these lakes are dams for hydropower in the water system to River Ljusnan, which flows out into the Baltic Sea. Today it was overcast, but almost no wind, which made a real change from yesterday. Not far from our overnight stay we chose to skate on Lake Ljusnedalssjön and Funäsdalssjön.

  • Standing on smooth grey ice scouting for black ice

Now we are awaiting new adventures together with “old and new” participants. We are looking forward to a new skating season.

All photos copyright Nordic EcoTours