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Oysters, seabirds and new co-workers

Today’s destination was Kalvö, an idyllic island south of Fjällbacka in Bohuslän. Here the landowners nurse oyster banks, which have been there for generations. We started in the morning from Heestrand in excellent weather conditions for paddling and birding. The sea was calm and the sun was shining.  Accompanied only by the sounds from the water and returning migratory birds we felt one with nature. Hundreds of eiders were calling, guillemots and black guillemots showed up, the oyster catchers were busy in the sky, on rocks and reefs, the different geese quacked all around. We stopped for a while to study the raven’s nest high up in a cliff. They lay their eggs in the end of February, so hopefully there are new lives waiting in the nest.

After a refreshing trip in the outer archipelago we reached our hosts for the day. Anders and Åsa Harding welcomed us by their jetty and we had a nice coffee and chat in the warm sunshine before they showed us their business Kalvö Ostron (Kalvö Oysters). Customers are most welcome to pick their own oysters, open them and enjoy them in the boathouse. Included in the event is also information about all you want to know about handling, nursing, harvesting and eating oysters. This is really somthing extra!

We said goodbye to our new friends and turned our fores southbound. Today only one seal turned up – but the contact with seals always make you happy. They are curious creatures and pop up when you least expect.

The archipelago was even quieter in the setting sun. We saw the sun descend in the horizon before heading ashore. The last birds we saw before dark were four silent swans ready for the night.

All this you can experience together with us. Heestrand Kalvö 20 – 25 km return. If you want a shorter paddling you can combine the oyster event with start from Fjällbacka (10 km return).

Video “Vårpaddling till Kalvö”

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