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Summer season Lake Vättern

The beginning of June offered many stunning evenings with calm water and pleasant temperature in the air. Perfect for kayaking!  Lake Vättern is the second biggest lake in Sweden. It is wellknown for the transparency of the water. Out on the lake the water is drinkable. Starting point for our evening trips in beginning of  June was Medevi Brygga, situated
1 1/2 km west of Medevi Brunn in the north eastern part of the lake. Still the temperature of the water was around 10 degrees Celsius.

The northern part of lake Vättern has an archipelago consisting of about 100 islands and thousand rocky islets. Just south of Medevi Brygga you find a series of islands where you can paddle round and feel the tranquility and nearness of nature.

From the kayak we were accompanied by a lot of singing birds on the islands. Out on the water two throated divers were calling. Above us in the sky the osprey was guarding its nest. Silently we observed the osprey pair from a distance.

The archipelago is full of new life. We we lucky to follow two barnacle goose parents silently guiding their chicks to a safe place.

Lake Vättern is known for her wild temperament. “From silent waters she can change  to a violent, combative woman” as the author Verner von Heidenstam writes. We were lucky to
“taste” wonderful moments on a shiny water surface. His house Övralid is visible from the trip. It shines like a white lump of sugar in the distance.




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